6 benefits of meal planning

10th December 2020

Have you ever found yourself coming home from work, realising you don’t have anything to cook and ended up ordering a take out? Do you feel like you don’t have the time to cook during the working week?

Meal planning can seem laborious and time consuming, but in actual fact, it could save you time, money and a couple of pounds too (the fat kind).

We have compiled a list of benefits of meal planning

  1. Save time

    Majority of the time spent cooking homemade meals is not spent on cooking itself, it is spent thinking about what to make, making a shopping list and grocery shopping.

    Consolidate your effort required to plan, shop and cook meals for the week by setting time aside to work out what you are going to make. You can further save time and effort by batch cooking your meals and refrigerating/freezing, to be consumed later on in the week.

  2. Save money

    Planning your meals can help prevent impulse-buys while grocery shopping as you will have a defined shopping list. In addition, batch cooking your meals can help you save money by reducing the trips to the supermarket

    You are also less likely to overspend, buying things you don’t necessarily need, that would have otherwise gone bad and ended up being binned.

    Knowing ahead of time what you’ll be cooking for the week will also save you from ordering take-aways. On average, brits spend £456 per year on takeaways per person; that’s a whopping £28,728 over a lifetime.

  3. Portion control

    Prepping your meals in advance forces you to be more conscious about what you will be eating throughout the day. This will help you better portion control and will mean you are less likely to overeat.

  4. Eat more healthily

    Having your meals prepared in advance prevents the temptation to opt for quick unhealthy ready-meals or ordering take-aways. Also, knowing what you are having for your next meal can help prevent you snacking in-between meals.

  5. Reduce food waste

    WRAP research carried out in 2018 showed that UK households threw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste per year in the UK, compared to 8.1 million tonnes in 2007.

    Food that could have been eaten but gets thrown away (4.5 million tonnes) is worth around £14 billion. This is around £60 per month for the average family with children. To put this into context, the food we throw away is enough food to fill 8 Wembley Stadiums! The carbon associated with this food is equivalent to that generated by one in five cars on UK roads.

    Having a meal plan, with a precise shopping list can help us reduce food waste, ultimately saving our bank account as well as our planet.

  6. Reduced stress

    The last thing you want after a long busy day at work is to come home and have to think about what to cook for yourself and/or your family. That’s why having a meal plan in place can forego this unneeded stress and allow you to get straight into cooking time/allow you to already have meals prepared.

If this has inspired you to plan your meals, we at IndexSpaces offer a personalised meal plan service, tailored to your preferences, including the foods you like, foods you dislike, any dietary requirements and any allergies. We also provide shopping lists so you don’t have to spend time and effort thinking about what you need to buy.

Along with this, we provide easy to follow recipes for each meal. Ultimately all of this will allow you to become healthier, reach your fitness goals, whilst reducing stress and saving money!

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