Endurance exercise and anti-ageing

12th May 2020

Endurance exercises such as running are associated with many physical and mental health benefits. But did you know it can delay ageing?

But did you know it can delay ageing?

We all have 23 pairs (46 in total) chromosomes which contain our DNA and on the end of the chromosomes we have telomeres.

A key process of ageing is the shortening of telomeres. When they shorten to a certain length, cells enter programmed cell death (and hence ageing).

Telomerase is an enzyme which prevents shortening if telomeres and so prevents cell death, helping with regenerative capacity.

One study published by the European heart journal showed that endurance exercises are associated with increased telomerase activity and hence leads to reduced programmed cell death and improved regenerative capacity leading to healthy ageing!

So get moving, not only will you live longer and feel healthier, you'll also look good too!

Post by Dr Haleema (Co-founder)

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