Instructor Spotlight: Carol Clark

15th June 2020

In this special series of Instructor Spotlight posts, every week we are interviewing instructors on our platform.

This week we chat to Carol, who is a Pilates instructor. Here is a little insight into her life, which we hope you enjoy reading.

  1. Hi Carol, tell us a bit about yourself?

    I’m Carol and I live in north Hertfordshire with my husband and two cats. As well as Pilates I love running and have run 12 marathons with a best time of 3hours 38 minutes in 2015.

    I am also a keen gardener and like to grow my own vegetables and fruits.

  2. What does your typical morning routine look like?

    After a quick sweep of new emails and messages I like to start the day with some form of exercise. I will either go for a run or a Pilates session, followed by at least 10 minutes of mediation.

    I like to use the app Headspace. After that it’s time for breakfast – lots of fresh fruits (some from the garden) yogurt and seeds with a mug of green tea. Then it’s time to see my first clients of the day.

  3. When did you first get involved with physical exercise?

    I really got into physical exercise after I left school. I never really enjoyed PE at school, but when I left I found I missed being active. I found I loved step Aerobics and Yoga and in 1995 I decided to train as an Aerobics instructor and I have been studying and enjoying exercise ever since.

  4. What made you want to become a Pilates instructor?

    I first became a Pilates instructor in 2008 to help people with back pain as part of a GP referral scheme. I really value the balance of doing Pilates and running. Pilates makes sure that I stretch my well used muscles and ensure they are strong enough to keep to running.

Many thanks to Carol for taking the time to participate with us, we personally found it very insightful and were very inspired by how Carol incorporates meditation into her morning routine.

If you want to read more about Carol or want to check out her classes, click on the link below.

Checkout Carol's classes here

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