Instructor Spotlight: Leah Jung

22nd June 2020

In this special weekly Instructor Spotlight posts, we are interviewing instructors on our platform.

This week we chat to Leah, who is a fitness and Face-Yoga instructor. Here is a little insight into her life, which we hope you enjoy reading.

  1. Hi Leah, tell us a bit about yourself?

    My name is Leah, I was born in London but have cypriot roots as my parents are from Cyprus.

    My hobbies are gardening and growing my own fruit and veg, as I have allotment and love organic grown veg, which taste much better. I love taking classes and staying fit and healthy. I like to keep my mind active also, as I love studying and keeping up-to-date with the fitness industry.

  2. What does your typical morning routine look like?

    In the mornings, I have face yoga exercise classes with my clients to help calm and relax the muscles for a great start to the day. This is followed by a bit of studying before getting ready for fitness classes durning the day on live zoom.

  3. When did you first get involved with physical exercise?

    I have always been into fitness as I’m a professional beauty therapist and sports massagist. For the pass 5 years I was a Face-Yoga teacher training with the world renound Danielle Collins, who has been on social media and on TV with well known people taking part.

  4. What made you want to become a Yoga/Fitness instructor?

    Having always been interested in fitness and keeping healthy, I decided to take a course on gym instructor and Personal training so I could help other people to shape up, lose weight, and eat healthy by giving nutritional advice about what to eat since I have a nutrition diploma. So it’s all about clients well-being and fitness.

Many thanks to Leah for taking the time to participate with us. If you want to read more about Leah or want to check out her classes, click on the link below.

Checkout Leah's classes here

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