Instructor Spotlight: Sarah Wasser

29th June 2020

In this special weekly Instructor Spotlight posts, we are interviewing instructors on our platform.

This week we chat to Sarah, who is a Pilates instructor and a mommy. Here is a bit about Sarah, which we hope you find insightful.

  1. Hi Sarah, tell us a bit about yourself?

    I'm Sarah and I'm a Northerner by origin but have just moved to Bristol after 18 years in London. I'm a mum of a very determined and independent 7 year old, who takes up a lot of my energy :-)

    My dad is German and although I spoke it well in my 20's it's got a bit rusty so I'm trying to refamiliarise myself with the language. I'm also passionate about travelling and visiting new and different places. I love baking (and not always of the healthy variety!) and once we're out of lockdown I plan on starting some new hobbies - paddleboarding and surfing!

  2. What does your typical morning routine look like?

    I usually rise about 6.45am (in the week). I ease myself into the day by reading (something motivating or uplifting) for about 10 mins and then if I'm not teaching an early class, I get down on the bedroom floor to do a short workout - either a routine I've made up or a YouTube video.

    Again this is only pretty short and sweet before I head to the shower. Breakfast is usually porridge and berries or granola (on a weekend it's a bit unhealthy with croissants, crepes or crumpets) and a cup of decaf tea. Normally by this point my daughter is up so I get her ready for the day and get started with home schooling. Most days I have one or two classes in the morning, so that takes me to lunch. If I've got an 8am class then I miss out the workout and do some admin!

  3. When did you first get involved with physical exercise?

    I've always been an active person. I started as a child doing gymnastics and swimming for years. I did have a bit of a break in my early teens when hanging out at the park was more fun! Then at uni I got back into it, with daily gym sessions and badminton games a few times a week. In early adult life I flitted from one thing to another, trying ice skating, roller blading, archery and lots of exercises classes.

    Then my journey as a fitness professional started when I had my daughter and I trained as a PT, doing specialisms in pre/post natal and the older adult, before then qualifying in Pilates 4 years later.

  4. What made you want to become a Pilates instructor?

    I had a chronic shoulder problem in my mid twenties that I saw every professional under the sun about, before being introduced to Pilates. The woman who taught me was amazing. She was so flexible and fit and she was 78 years old! I did classes with her for many years, but I basically decided that I wanted to be like her when I grew up! It did admittedly take quite a few years before I then took the plunge to train, but that was the seed that started it.

    Then as I've got older and having trained special populations I realised how important it was to give the body more than just high intensity workouts and to focus more on a mindful practice, that complements those regular workouts.

Many thanks to Sarah for taking the time to participate with us, it was a really good insight into her life and who says you can only read books at bedtime! If you want to read more about Sarah or want to check out her classes, click on the link below.

Checkout Sarah's classes here

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