Organising and participating in indoor and outdoor group activities safely

16th August 2020

As you may already be aware, in July the government released Covid-19 guidelines relating to indoor and outdoor group exercises.

We at IndexSpaces wanted to help you navigate these guidelines and make it easier for you to understand what you can and can’t do as an instructor or participant looking to partake in group exercises.

  • Gatherings

    As per the guidelines, up to a maximum of 30 people (including the instructor) can participate in a group activity indoors and outdoors without the need to complete a risk-assessment.

    The risk of transmission of Covid-19 can be reduced by making sure that any congregations (e.g meetups prior to the group exercise) are kept as short as possible. This can be done by setting strict meet-up and activity start times so that people are not standing idle waiting for the activity to begin.

  • Test and trace

    As a good practice, it is advised to keep a record (including name and telephone number) of all participants attending the group activity, including their mobile number. In case someone tests positive for Covid, this will assist in contacting other people who may have been in contact with that person.

    If you’re an IndexSpaces client, you can easily print an automatically generated attendees list for each activity, which includes the attendee’s name and mobile number.

  • Social distancing during activity

    It is vital that social distancing is observed during physical exercise. It may be a good idea to have visual markers (e.g. cones) in order to ensure social distance is maintained and handshakes, hugging and huddles should be avoided.

  • Breaks and post-activity

    It is natural for a group of people to want to converse during breaks or post-activity, but social distancing should be maintained during breaks and also post-activity. It is recommended that each participant has a dedicated area to store towels, equipment and refreshments.

    Under no circumstances should water bottles or other refreshment containers be shared.

  • Use of equipment

    Sharing of equipment should be avoided where possible and make sure to wipe equipment with an antimicrobial wipe after each use.

  • Payments

    Exchanging cash can risk the spread of Covid transmission, so where possible, try and use a contactless mode of payment when collecting payments. IndexSpaces allows customers to book and pay for activities through our built-in payment gateway.

    This helps to minimise the risk of Covid transmission as there is less face-to-face interaction on the day of the activity and no cash will need to be handed over, giving everyone a peace of mind.

  • Local lockdowns

    Please ensure that you observe any local lockdowns that are taking place within your area. It is against the law to organise indoor and outdoor group activities whilst a lockdown is in place.

This is intended to be an overview of the restrictions and guidelines when organising or participants in indoor and outdoor group exercises where the number of participants is no more than 30 people (including the instructor).

However, premises or locations which are COVID-19 Secure will be able to hold more than 30 people, subject to their own capacity limits. This is also the case for events in public outdoor spaces that are organised by businesses, charitable or political organisations, and public bodies, provided they take reasonable steps to mitigate the risk of transmission, in line with COVID-19 Secure guidance and including completion of a risk assessment.

The guidelines are ever-changing as they are guided by science and circumstances. Please make sure you follow up-to-date advice provided by the government.

You can read the full guidelines published by the government using the following links:

COVID-19: Providers of grassroots sport and gym leisure facilities

COVID-19: Guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities

COVID-19: Return to recreational team sport framework

We hope this helps give you the confidence and makes you feel safer, to once again organise/partake in group activities.

The IndexSpaces Team

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