What makes a good image?

1st January 2020

A great image can capture the imagination of the target audience looking to try something new for the first time. The best images are colourful and give a glimpse of what the attendee could expect from attending the activity. Ideally the image should be of your activity in action.

Picture is worth a thousand words

Most likely, the first thing customers will see of your result listing is the image. You need to grab their attention with the core of what your activity is.

Examples of a good image

Here are some tips you can follow

  • Give the potential customer a flavour of what to expect from your activity
  • Images taken in landscape format provide the best view.
  • Bright clear colourful images get the most attention
  • We recommend using an image that has a resolution of at least 1280 × 720 pixels (max. 2MB)

Here are the things to avoid

  • Using images with text.
  • Using collages of multiple images.
  • Dim or blurry images.
  • Images in a portrait format.
  • Close-up of a face without any context to the activity itself

By sticking to these guidelines, you can ensure that your activity comes across professional, captivating and enticing.

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