What does everyones morning routine like?

Dan Taylor in Birmingham Created on 3/7/20 Posts: 1 | Comments: 3

Heres what I do:

I wake up in the morning around 6:30am, sit up in bed and practice gratitude and positive affirmations. I then make a cup of tea and watch BBC breakfast for 30 minutes before I start working on my personal projects. I tend to have late breakfast around 10am.

In the past I've tried to work-out in the mornings after waking up, but I could never seem to get into the flow, I always feel weaker working out in the morning than I do in the evenings. Anyone else experienced that?


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Maria Bennett in Dudley Created on 3/7/20 Posts: 0 | Comments: 1

I'm always an early bird, so I wake up around 5am, make coffee and plan my day. Then around 6, I go for a quick 15 minute jog (I'm lucky that there is a park close to me). Once im back, its a quick shower and then getting ready to go to work. 

I've maintained my routine throughout the lockdown, however, now instead of getting ready for work, I fit in some quick telly before starting work from home. ?

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