Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga is a form of Yoga, adopting postural exercises. However, in the Indian and Tibetan traditions, it is seen as much more and extends beyond a physical exercise and incorporates cleansing, ethics, diet breathing exercises, meditation and spiritual development.



Hatha Yoga puts an emphasis on moderate eating, the food one eats and one’s eating habits are important to balancing the body to gain the most benefits of Hatha Yoga. Eating is a devotional act to the temple of the body, and hence, we should only put in it what is good.

Body Cleansing

Your Hatha Yoga teacher can outline various inner body cleansing steps. The methods vary drastically, from simple hygiene practices to reversing seminal fluid flow. Shatkarmas is the most common method and includes the following acts:

  1. Dhauti (cleanse teeth and body)
  2. Basti (cleanse bladder)
  3. Neti (cleanse nasal passages)
  4. Trataka (cleanse eyes)
  5. Nauli (abdominal massage)
  6. Kapalabhati (cleanse phlegm)

The cleaning method itself also varies, where some use water to wash, whilst others simply use a damp cloth.


Hatha Yoga states that proper breathing exercises cleanse and balance the body. Hatha yoga adopts various breathing techniques including:

  • inhaling and hold for a period before exhaling
  • exhaling and then holding for a period before inhaling
  • slowing down the inhaling and the exhaling
  • consciously changing the fluctuation of the breaching combined with focused muscle exercises


Hatha Yoga postures come in various forms, with various degrees of difficulty. However, with repetition and persistence, the muscles get stronger and such postures before effortless.


Hatha Yoga encourages healthy eating, hygiene and helps one-self become stronger both physically and mentally. Like any other form of Yoga, it is a form of relaxation and meditation, helping with depression, stress and anxiety.


Typically loose-fitting clothings or leggings are worn for Yoga classes.

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