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We provide doctor curated, science-led meal & nutrition plans, personalised to meet your specific goals in a sustainable way through a well-balanced diet.

See how quickly can help you reach your goal
Tried diet plans that didn’t work or were not sustainable?
Struggling to lose weight despite keeping active?
Looking to eat healthier without compromising on the things you enjoy?

We've got the plan for you!

See how quickly we can help you reach your goal

Here's what's included

Personalised meal plans.

Tailored meal and nutrition plans by a doctor based on your needs and goals (e.g. weight loss or muscle gain), incorporating your favourite foods.

Each plan contains 4 weeks worth of meal plans.

After purchase, your meal plans will be available in your account area to view within 5 working days.

Nutrition advice

By analysing your biometric data and activity levels, our in-house doctor works out your required daily calorie intake as well as macro requirements to help you reach your goals.

Weekly shopping lists tailored to your budget

We provide 4 weekly-based shopping lists per plan, tailored to your budget. We can share ingredients across meals to simplify your shopping list if you're on a budget.

28 recipes per plan

Recipes provided for each meal, which can be as simple as putting a few ingredients together or a bit more complex depending on your culinary skills.

How it works

Based on your biometric data and the foods you enjoy

Our meal & nutrition plans factor in the following:

  • Your height & weight
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Body goals
  • Medical problems
  • Food preferences (likes, dislikes and guilty pleasures)
  • Specific dietary requirements (e.g. halal, kosher, vegan)
  • Activity levels
  • Weekly budget for groceries
  • Preference for recipe complexity

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50 per monthly plan Only costs you £1.67** per day to stay healthy
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4 Week Meal & Nutrition Plan
  • Included in plan:
  • 12 x lunch recipes
  • 12 x dinner recipes
  • 4 x snack recipes
  • 1 x nutrition plan
  • 4 x shopping list
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**Daily average based on a 30-day calendar month.

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